It all started already in the 1970s. The world was filled with free spirits, love and care for one another. From the inner core of Tellus, Pirata was elevated and put on the earth to enable love, peace and equality between all living creatures on the planet. Ensure that anybody could be anything without being harrased. Pirata will do just that using music, magic shows and lyrical statements as weapon. The weapons of mass-love-resurrection. 


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Sri Pirata Kishore

A real punk pirate


Sri Kishore, Pirata, The creative spirit and soul of the Pirata experience, supported by the Slingers.  


Pirata was born in a small town on the west coast of India, called Poona. Anonymously adopted when he was a baby, from a super hero father and a punk rocking mother, he ended up in Gothenburg, Sweden with a nice Swedish family, a house, a big garage, a family dog and a pale native Swedish brother. Coming from a small town in India and growing up in a strict Swedish society, he rebelled against everything he could, and then some...


Growing up he listened intensively on bands such as Kiss, Sweet, Abba and, a little later on, Kate Bush. He liked any music being loud, fresh, nasty, hard, soulful, dark, futuristic or fat. When entering high school, he secretly started to listen to synthesizer driven music, such as Howard Jones, Yazoo and Erasureā€¦ All those influences mixed together has shaped the sound of Pirata and the Slingers.


He never had the ambition to fit in to normal society rules, never really striving for a 9-to-5 job either. Instead he started to play with different bands, recording and touring. Grunge, Stoner and Rocknroll. Prior to the Pirata experience, he was the creative force of the band Burn, recording a couple of full-length albums and doing multiple tours in Sweden and Europe.  


With Pirata and the Slingers, new full-length albums and new tours will be his focus. Enjoy, and let the force be with us!



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