The Slingers



A superhero rocknroller such as Pirata requires superhero band members as support. The Slingers are just that. Superhero rocknrollers, put on earth to support Piratas strive for inner peace, love and affection of and for all Tellus inhabitants, ensuring that with great power, must come great responsibilities. The Slingers varies in size over time, which is one of many super forces the posess. Sometimes they have a piano player warped to earth for the benefit of a song, and sometimes some horns are added.

Flying Fredo

a superhero guitar-slinger 

Fredo came to earth rather late in life, after being part of a galactic army of love rebels, as a flying rocket first officer. After fighting a life of love battles in the outer parts of the galaxy, he contemplated for a while and came to the conclusion that fights for love, peace and equality between all living creatures on the planet is best fought with a guitar in hand, so he sent a pigeon with a letter to Pirata, and reported for duty.



Atomic swinging Tony

a superhero drummer

Tony is a super-charged multi-style drummer, that can easliy come out as the winner of any drum-off. His ability to master any style of music, makes him the ideal Slinger beat-machine behind Pirata.  

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